7 Holy Commandments for crossFit athletes

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These 7 laws make life easier for everyone in the box and create the right environment for progress and improvement. Which ones would you add?

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1. NEVER eat reps.

This should be logical. Sometimes it can be easy to lose track when you're all tired and sore, and it does happen, but cutting repetitions on purpose and beating others is just sad. I bet we all know someone who does.

The competitive element of Crossfit is very fun, but the idea of ​​any training is mainly to make THE ATHLETE fitter, stronger, healthier and more mentally resistant. Of course, this changes in competitions because the goal is to WIN, but at this level there are judges to avoid cheats.

2. The last one who finishes receives the best batons.

This is one of the most impressive aspects of Crossfit. Of course, a WOD is competitive, but each training only tries to help EVERYONE to improve and work in their physical form. And the father is that you can see this mentality at all levels of the sport, from classes, local competitions, to Crossfit Games. Everyone supports each other.


3. Don't look for the WODS that favor you.

We all have strengths and weaknesses, that is part of being human. It feels amazing when you see on the board a WOD with which you know you can destroy everyone because it includes everything that is provided to you. And clearly, the opposite scenario is not so fun; when they put things that are not your forte.

If you make sure you do all the WODS that put you in front, especially the ones that cost you the most work, you will greatly improve your weaknesses.

4. Take care of the equipment, keep it in place when you finish using it.

This only comes down to a simple courtesy. It is not difficult to take care of the equipment and put everything you used in its place. There is always a slight ritual element in training, and respect comes with that.

5. Leave the ego out.

The ego is important in Crossfit. It can be a powerful driving force that pushes us to reach new PR. It can motivate us to compete and improve, or help us with self confidence and goal setting. But it can also be an obstacle in our progress.

It's a bit difficult to find this balance. Workouts have a habit of exposing weaknesses in ways you didn't even know existed, and a good athlete understands when he should be humble about this.

An athlete who lets his ego dictate, ignoring his weaknesses, repeating the poor ranges of motion to be faster and using the wrong technique to use more weight, will eventually get injured.

It takes courage to accept that sometimes we are not as good as we think, and a good coach will inspire us to improve and progress in the right way.

6. Be kind to the new athlete.
Every crossfiter has been a rookie at some point. Including you. It doesn't matter if you are Mat Fraser or have you been for 2 months, we ALL had to enter a box for the first time at some point and we know it can be intimidating.

This first experience leaves an important impression, how was yours? Helping a crossfiter for the first time can make a big difference in his training and can also be a stimulus for them to continue.

7. There are many exercises that do NOT need magnesia.

It seems that there is always at least someone who loves to use too much magnesia and will use it for absolutely EVERYTHING, even when it is definitely not necessary. Burpees? Push ups? Double unders? Yes, I have seen it happen.

And this person is normally wrapped in a cloud of white dust that follows her anywhere. Don't be that person!

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