9 Movements that will Lift Your Glutes Immediately

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9 Movements that will Lift Your Glutes Immediately

Do you feel lately that your butt (or glutes) is not the same as before, as it fell and now the lower part looks like bags of the errand? Do your jeans no longer look so pretty or full? Well then you mean that flaccidity has come to you. And you owe it all to Netflix for putting on so many good series that prevent you from getting out of bed to do a few squats.

Enough! It's time to do something for our butt, it's time to make the revolution against sagging and do 20 minutes of these exercises a day.

Open your legs, raise only one of your feet and lower to perform the squat. Do 3 sets of 10 repetitions with each of the feet. You may or may not add weight, it will depend on your physical condition.


Squats that combine a jump have a greater impact on the muscles and just in the area of ​​the buttocks where the horrible sagging accumulates.

It is not necessary that you are in the gym, you can do it in the armchair, in a chair or in the bed.

This exercise in addition to completely strengthening your legs and buttocks will allow you to improve your balance.

It is not necessary that you get on a chair or in this type of equipment, just recreate the position and raise your leg until you feel that your glute contracts.

I know you will say, this is exactly the same exercise as the one above, but it is not. Look closely, the position is different, in addition the foot makes a movement that works other muscles in the buttocks.

It looks simple but once you advance you will feel like everything burns in your buttocks and legs. But in a month the poorly accommodated fatty will disappear.

It is important to work the lateral muscles of your booties, this will give you better shape and greater muscle tone.

Raise your leg as much as you can without losing the curvature. Try to keep your back straight so you don't get injured.

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