A letter for all teen girls

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A letter for all teen girls

Hello Beautiful,

Only in case someone has not reminded you lately, the God of the universe created you taking care of every detail, in such a complex and skillful way, as nobody else would. Yes, He had a precious plan in creating your valuable life that is important.

«Because you formed my entrails; You made me in my mother's bosom. I will praise you, because amazingly and wonderfully I have been made; Your works are wonderful, and my soul knows it very well ». Psalm 139: 13-14

letter to all girls
Your Creator knows you and He is the one who gives you purpose. So, don't believe for a second that this life you have is insignificant. Do not think that there was an error when you were divinely formed.

«You know my sitting and my getting up; From far away you understand my thoughts.

You search my path and my rest, and you know all my paths well.

Even before there is a word in my mouth, behold, O LORD, you already know it all.

You have surrounded me from behind and in front, and you put your hand on me. Psalm 139: 2-5

The infinite Savior of the world personally sees every layer, corner and corner of your soul. You are undoubtedly and inevitably known to Him. He surrounds you, as if it were an ever-present border of protection, because his presence envelops you. Never forgotten, never rejected, never apart; but surrounded by the Father who puts his powerful hand on you and declares: «I know you. I know everything about you ».

Your young heart needs deep and resistant roots that are planted in these truths about our immense, but personal God.

Teen life is an unpredictable jumble of days too fun and carefree; and difficult days, full of anxiety, confusion, losses and crises that lead to collapse due to the search for questions without answers about yourself, your circumstances and everything else.

And due to the monotony, butterflies in the stomach and heartbreaking disappointments, it is easy to get lost in this ornate roller coaster, which causes our stomachs to suddenly fall and shake with sickly pangs.

Many things happen when you are a teenager. However, if you don't know the truth about our faithful Savior, you can lose your foothold and drown ...

That boy is cute and you're madly in love with him. She is your best friend, but suddenly she isn't anymore and you can't figure out why. Your sisters are driving you crazy and your hormones make you act like an irritable dragon that spits fire and complains to your parents. Your pending delivery task makes you want to collapse, but that only takes you to watch marathons on Netflix and click again and again on Instagram posts (or better called Envidiainstagram).

Ah, in addition, your future is knocking at the door and wants to know which university you will attend and, for some reason, needs to know now. Then, add this pressure to extracurricular classes after school, to maintain your grade point average, to dress fashionably and to feed social networks.

You do not know God's plan for your next five years and you  are wondering if this boy could be "your boy". You desperately want everything to go well. Because you love Jesus and want to honor him with your whole being, you just don't know how everything will develop yet, but you know that from the big picture to the picture of the right here and now you feel overwhelmed, indecisive, insecure and maybe a little lost.

Breathe sweet girl

God protects you, He surrounds you. Back and forth, below and above, before and after, and around, (Psalm 139: 7).

The same one who made the bright stars and galaxies also reaches your vertiginous details and reminds you not to be anxious because he is close, very close and intimately involved.

«The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything; rather, in everything, through prayer and supplication with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will keep your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus ». (Philippians 4: 5-7, emphasis added)

And because He cares ...

"Casting all your anxiety on Him, because He takes care of you." (1 Peter 5: 7)

God sees the details. He listens to your questions. He understands your wounds. He rescues you from the pit of despair. He knows everything about your encounters with that sin (the first time you fell and, later, the mud in which you chose to wallow many times); but He continues to cleanse you again and again, because his pure white clothes are yours in Jesus (Luke 12: 6-7; James 1: 5-8; Hebrews 4: 14-16; Psalm 40: 1-3; 51) .

And no matter what tiny, huge, or mundane things happened in your life or happened during your teenage years, you can rest on what He knows.

When you feel less, worried, without friends, insignificant, clueless, exhausted or broken, you can throw yourself at Him whenever, wherever, because his grace will be abundant and sufficient. Jesus is enough (2 Corinthians 12: 9).

«Trust Him at all times, O people;

Pour out your heart before Him;

God is our refuge ». Psalm 62: 8

Precious, never forget that life is all about Him. You and I and everyone else on this earth find our great mission when we fall at his feet. When we say "all I have is yours" and when we open our hands; then He can fill them with purposes that glorify God and exalt the gospel (Matthew 16: 24-28, 22: 34-30).

Give your heart to God, without reservation, because He is worthy to have it and can, absolutely and without a doubt, handle everything you face during your teenage years and beyond.

Rest in his love for you.

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