A life devotional full of color

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A life devotional full of color

How long do you stay doing something that seems boring to you? Very little! I remember that while I was studying at school even my math notebook was full of colors and details and what about the Spanish language that was my favorite subject, I still have one and is saturated with details, I can assure you that I remember almost everything there is in him, every class.

As we said at the beginning of this series, one remembers more what one strives for. And this of the biblical diary is a fun way of spiritual discipline, the ideal thing to carry is that it is an activity that you do constantly so that it becomes a habit. To help that it is good to decide in advance at what time of day or week we will do it. I personally make my biblical diary in my devotional time as part of my daily routine. It takes me 15 minutes to one hour of the day and I do it just before taking a shower to go to work (the drawing is the culmination of my devotional time).

Whether you do it in your devotional time or at any other time of the day, these are some steps I recommend:

1. Pray "open my eyes and I will look at the wonders of your Law." Many of the wonders of the Word of God must be discerned spiritually and we need your direction when approaching it.

2. Read all the passage that corresponds to the day and check if there are any words you don't know. Ask yourself: What is this passage about? What does he say about what he is talking about? Is there a mandate to follow? Any promises to trust? What does this story tell me about God's redemption plan?

3. Choose the verse that struck you the most: Repeat it in your mind. What are the words that you understand most important. Is it a mandate? A promise? What does it say about God? What does it say about you?

4. Choose the words you are going to highlight and these will be bigger and will have signs that will help you. (If we can remember the three key words of the verse it is easier to memorize it)

5. Proceed to write and then decorate with watercolor or as you prefer.

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