Don't lose sight of whats important

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Don't lose sight of whats  important

     Do you read the Bible every day? Do you pray Do you keep a biblical diary? Do you go beyond the point do you memorize the Scriptures? Excellent! But ... what are your motivations in doing these things? It is possible that these important activities known as “spiritual disciplines” have become a habit that you do mechanically or by obligation… Perhaps your parents require you to read the Bible or in the School but it is one of the things you do because “ you have to".

Well, although it would seem that making a biblical diary is something super pious as well as fun, you can be doing it bypassing what is truly important. Play the Vlog-tutorial today and discover what we are talking about. When you're done, I encourage you to share it with your friends.

The ultimate goal of any discipline
Spiritual is to know the Lord more.
The Word of God must always be
the basis in your life and your drawings.

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