How are your roots?

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How are your roots?

A few weeks ago I was leaving my house early in the morning, when my eyes fixed on a collapsed wall of a house one block from mine.

Trying to find a cause for the problem, I realized that it was a pine tree that lay on the sidewalk.

Since I was right (I moved when I was a baby to that neighborhood) I remembered the pine tree that had caused so much damage now: I always marveled at its height and its imposition; It was green, leafy, and had endured great hurricanes (it looked on its trunk that was a little bent). But the healthy appearance of pine did not matter in this catastrophe; What caused the problem were its roots, which looked superficial and small compared to the greatness of the tree.

And I remembered what it says in Psalm 1: 1-4 (NLT): “What a joy for those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, nor walk with sinners, nor join with mockers; but they delight in the law of the Lord meditating on it day and night. They are like trees planted at the edge of a river, which always bear fruit in their time. Their leaves never wilt, and they thrive in everything they do. ”

Perhaps outside you may seem the most "holy"; Maybe your parents are Christians, you never miss the youth gathering or a church Sunday, or maybe you raise your hands in worship, or you speak with "Christian language" and your prayers in public seem to be very spiritual. But how are your roots? Are they strong or weak? Where is your delight really? Is Christ really the center of your life?

Look that the passage does not only say that those who prosper are those who do not walk with sinners, nor follow the advice of evil, they also say that they are the ones who meditate on the law of the Lord day and night (that is continually). And it shows us the image of a strong and firm tree, which has its roots in a fruitful ground, a tree that does not wilt ... But many times our roots are superficial and feed on a soil of death: where there is no water No life I've also been there, neglecting my devotional life and my relationship with God, feeling dry inside and staggering with the adversities of life. That is why our roots must be in the Law of the Lord, because only then can they remain strong.

Do you want to experience joy? The key is to delight in the Word of God.

Do you want to stop feeling anxiety? The key is to meditate on the Word of God.

Do you want to live a life full of fruit and testimony for others? The key is to put your roots in the Word of God.

To be honest, maybe like you, I felt like I didn't want to read the Bible and without any expectation of what God will do during my devotional time and that's how days and even weeks have passed. But when I have remained constant and asked God for more hunger for His Word, I felt like I was reading a completely new book, marveling at every detail I read.

It doesn't matter where you are right now or how dark you feel the place is, because it doesn't matter how you start the race of faith, but how you end it. Delight yourself in the Word of God and meditate on it day and night and that Word will keep you firm during the difficult circumstances of life and you will see how little by little it will make a difference in your life, because it is alive and effective.

Now ... How can you start or continue? Here are some practical tips to make your devotional life more dynamic:

    Memorize verses: You never know when you will need the Word of God and when you will not be able to access the Bible on your cell phone.
    Make an illustrated Bible diary: Maybe if you like to draw and you are more visual, it will help you draw and write verses to memorize.
    Fill the post its house with verses: A verse you read when combing or brushing your teeth can encourage you in the stage of your life where you are.
    Pray the Bible: Praying the Bible is a way of meditating on it, besides that by praying in this way we are praying the will of God.
    Write in a prayer diary: Having a prayer diary has helped me in difficult situations to see how my faith has been better in other times and to give me hope and comfort or also to see how my walk has improved.

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