Why young Christians should wear modest exercise clothes?

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Why young Christians should wear modest exercise clothes?

     The sun was boiling in my little Texas neighborhood. I was determined to run my sixteen miles in preparation for my marathon regardless of the crazy heat outside. I am excited to say that I finished the race and survived the heat (Mentioning a small pause to stop and a stretch in the legs that caused me an intense cramp).

I will be totally honest with you, training for a marathon in Texas is not a fun thing. Texas summers are hot, humid and sticky. Those ingredients are obviously not ideal for intense outdoor workouts.

Maintaining modesty in the heat

Despite the heat and the gallons of sweat falling from my face, I decided to do something completely radical and totally abnormal. I decided to maintain my normal standards of modesty and remain covered while exercising in the suffocating heat.

As most of you know, modesty and exercise clothes don't really fit in the same sentence today. Especially when it is over 100 degrees outside.

The modern training clothes

The last time I entered the training section in a modern clothing store, I saw yoga pants, leggings, sports bras, stretch blouses and shorts, running shorts and tiny sleeveless shirts. The world of exercise is reducing the standard of modesty and little by little girls are getting used to dressing in little christian clothes while they exercise.

In my mind this dilemma is very similar to the swimsuit dilemma.

As we have mentioned in previous blogs, bikinis are the new norm and sadly most of us have accepted them without thinking twice. Most of us have created different (in conflict) standards of modesty for the dry world and for the wet world and somehow we have justified this great inconsistency.

Instead of having a single set of standards for modesty, we now have modesty standards for the dry, wet world and now the "sweat" world.

Exercise clothing is now categorized by a new and different set of modesty rules ... just like the swimsuit.

Questions to ask

"Why is 'nakedness' acceptable in the gym, but not right in everyday life?

"If we do not agree with the use of tight pants and a bra in the grocery store, why should we agree to use it in the gym? If we do not agree to reveal the thighs in everyday life, do you why should we be fine with wearing mini athletic pants in a race?

"As Christian women, we realized that it makes no sense for us to be radical about modesty in one place, and then abandon all 'convictions' in another. What changed? Our bodies did not change. The boys around us they did not change. Reflecting Christ did not change. The only thing that changed was the place "- Quote taken from Project Modesty. (Only available in English)

This quote is from our new e-book (Project Modesty) and brings up some really important thoughts and questions. A subject that most of us have avoided thinking is brought up.

Question our inconsistencies and encourage us to rethink our rules of modesty in conflict. It says something like this:

"Despite the intense pressure we feel from undressing and looking sexy in the gym, we have chosen to honor Christ instead. We have decided to maintain the same level, no matter where we are. And guess what? Once we have the modesty trick in sportswear, it's really not that difficult. We've learned how to combine shorts with funny shirts to create a sporty look with style, but modest.

"We have worn out our modest attire while we play sand volleyball, go jogging, work out in the women's gym, play basketball, and even run a marathon!"

Help us set a new trend

Our hope is that you will join us by establishing a new trend in the world of training. Fashion, modesty and exercise can go hand in hand. We don't have to get rid of fashion in order to look fun and pretty while we exercise.
I want to hear you

Do you have a double standard when it comes to your training clothes?

Do you think it's okay to have different standards of modesty for the dry world and the world of sweat? Why or why not?

What advice do you have for maintaining fashion and modesty while exercising?

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