Tips for choosing Workout Apparel

Tips for choosing Workout Apparel


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A healthy body is an issue that worries both men and women. But the comfort they experience while exercising is also important. For this reason, GodWodStrongApparel brings you these tips to choose the right sportswear, whatever the discipline you practice.
Is cotton or polyester sportswear better?

This is a question that many have surely asked themselves. Sometimes we believe that cotton is the best choice in clothing, because it is an organic, soft and absorbent material. But, it is not always convenient to use it. An example of that is in sports.

To carry out any physical activity, it is important that the clothing allows perspiration of the body. Although there are disciplines that make us sweat more than others, it will always be a good decision to choose synthetic sportswear. Cotton garments, despite their quality, prevent the body from expelling toxins properly, become soaked with sweat and end up becoming heavy.

Sportswear needs to be lightweight, helping you wick away moisture and keep you dry. Clothing suitable for running, for crossfit apparel, among other high intensity sports, must be made of polyester and nylon. These are the most recommended textiles to exercise.
Women's sportswear apparel: between modern and comfortable

Women tend to be more concerned with how they will look with what they wear. They look for modern clothes that adapt to their body and allow them to exercise comfortably in the discipline they practice.
Sports pants

Sports pants include the jogger, synthetic shorts, classic cotton sports pants, and leggings. Depending on the discipline you do, it will be the type of sports pants you will choose.

The jogger is ideal for those low impact exercises such as Pilates and yoga. The short is recommended to be worn on summer days in outdoor sports and, of course, they are best suited for running. The sports pants are conducive to smooth and constant movements. While the meshes you have to know how to choose.

The classic tights are recommended for any activity since they facilitate mobility and are very comfortable. Capris are perfect for cycling and jogging. There are also short tights that are recommended to wear on hotter days and intense sports, such as speed racing.

How to choose the sports bra?

The garment that most worries women is the bra. Many use the wrong size, or an unsuitable model for the type of breasts. Women have many doubts when buying this garment. We explain how to choose a sports bra.

The main thing for any type of bra is that it is your size. To verify that it is so, we recommend that you try it before buying it. Enter the dressing room of the store and there that:

    You move without hindrance.
    Your breasts remain fixed.
    You can easily slide a couple of fingers under the tape around the cups and back.
    You breathe well.
    The fabric does not twist inside or outside.

Depending on the size of the breasts, it will be the type of bra that you will use to exercise. The compression, top type, are those that go for small breasts. Those who wear cups A and B in their day to day.

On the other hand, if you are large (C and D), the bra should not compress your breasts, but neither should they be left in free movement. In this case, the most recommended are those that separately keep the breasts in place.
Men's sportswear, comfort is the main thing

The first thing you must determine is the discipline in which you will exercise, so that you choose the appropriate sportswear. Do not choose a men's running shoe if you are going to practice field football. The same happens with clothes.

In sports, comfort prevails. Feeling comfortable is what matters most to men. This does not mean that you will go to the gym with a t-shirt three sizes additional to yours. Also, do not wear very tight clothes that mark areas of your body.
Choose comfortable and quality clothes


Follow these tips so that comfort, avant-garde and what favors you the most go with you to your training place.

    If being fitness is something totally new for you, we recommend wearing loose shirts or flannels. In sports stores you will find clothes of your size, whose model is not adjusted to the body. This will be very favorable if you want to hide localized fat.
    Design, quality, anatomy, durability and antibacterial fabrics are the characteristics that must prevail in clothing. Finding these characteristics in one place will not be difficult for you, as sportswear brands work on constantly improving clothing for physical activity.
    Fashion advances as technology does. So it will be very easy to find clothes with technological fabrics that promote perspiration while keeping you dry. Polyester, elastane, nylon; Bamboo and wool are also the most recommended fabrics.
    Dress according to the sport you do. Tight clothing for spinning and cycling, loose clothing for aerobics.
    The clothing, in turn, should be in accordance with the time of year when you exercise.
    Choose clothes whose price is consistent with quality.
    Don't borrow your sportswear. These garments are as personal as intimate apparel.

Tips for choosing winter sportswear

Overlapping layers is the solution for the body to retain its normal heat on cold days. This way you will remove or keep the clothes you have on you as your body temperature rises or falls while you exercise.

How to follow this recommendation? First put on a change of thermal clothing that protects you from the cold and releases body moisture. On top put on a light layer of other garments. And finally, cover yourself in a waterproof sports outfit that protects you from the rain.

Synthetic fabrics such as Supplex or Coolmax are indicated for low temperatures, as they help to conserve body heat. Wear a windbreaker and a waterproof jacket during this time.

Other recommendations to protect yourself from the cold is that you cover the parts of your body that are sensitive to low temperatures, such as your hands, ears and feet. Wear tubular gloves, ear muffs and scarves if necessary.

It is also important to note that the jacket that you will wear to the eye has a front closure and pockets. In this way you can open or remove it as the temperature rises and you can store sports accessories in it.

Stay cool in summer

We have already talked about the fabrics that keep you dry and contribute to the perspiration of your body, in summer this recommendation is imperative. Follow these recommendations to protect yourself from head to toe from the effects of the sun.

    Lightweight slippers for feet to breathe freely.
    Avoid direct contact with footwear. Wear socks that keep your feet dry, thus preventing fungus and other injuries.
    Wear technical clothing, that is, synthetic fiber.
    Protect your head with a sweatshirt, cap with a visor, a scarf or hat, depending on the sports style.
    Also use sports glasses that protect your sight from ultra violet rays, also they have better grip and do not slip.
    Apply sunscreen and drink enough water to stay hydrated.

Quality, durability and comfort are the best tips for choosing the sportswear we can offer you. And you, how do you dress when you exercise?